Designed for crafting stories – not just text formatting

Arc Studio Pro supports your full creative process, from idea to finished screenplay, and helps you collaborate with others.


Distraction-free interface
Say goodbye to horrible-looking software with confusing interfaces. Arc Studio Pro was carefully designed to offer you a wide range of useful features without ever getting in your way.
Industry Standard formatting
Automatically format your screenplay perfectly, so it won't have any trouble making it past the readers.
Import & Export
Import Final Draft, Word, PDF and Fountain. Export Final Draft, Fountain or PDF.
Automatically insert common text snippets while writing: location, character names etc. This saves keystrokes, improves your writing flow, and keeps things consistent.


Write together in real-time
Want to write with others, but the process gets too complicated? With Arc Studio Pro, you don't have to email files back and forth and wait for the other person to finish. Just invite collaborators with a single click and edit the same document in real-time.
Leave comments inside the script
Don't scatter notes across emails, PDFs and printed documents. Keep them all in one place, and read them in context, right next to your script.

Request and manage feedback

Make script coverage convenient for others
Instead of emailing others PDFs, just send them a link where they can leave feedback right from their browser – no download required.
Gather feedback where you need it
Like comments from your co-authors, feedback will show up right inside your screenplay, right where you need it.

No computer trouble

Automatic version backups
When you delete a scene, we never actually throw it away: we always automatically keep previous versions of your screenplay, so you can always bring it back. This makes experimenting easy, and you don't have to keep folders full of backups.
Cloud sync with full offline support
Access your screenplay from any device, but write even when offline – the best of the cloud without the worst.