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Distraction-free writing

Software is meant to make us more productive, but often it distracts us with confusing interfaces, a slew of confusing (and unnecessary) options, and technical details we shouldn’t need to care about.

Arc Studio Pro was carefully designed from the ground up to let you focus on your story, support your flow, and never distract.

  • Formatting happens automatically — no need to choose from endless options, we just do what needs to be done to make the studios happy.
  • A modern, clean, beautifully designed interface exposes powerful features when you need them, but never gets in your way when you want to write.
  • Autocompletion keeps things consistent and saves you some typing.
  • Technical issues like backups and files are designed to just work — you don’t even need to hit Ctrl-S, your progress is always saved automatically.


Film studios employ arcane rules for formatting your screenplay: typefaces, page margins, line spacing, page numbering,… — luckily, you don’t need to know any of that, as Arc Studio Pro will make the right choices for you. Just write your story and your screenplay will look professional when it’s time to send it to producers.

Arc Studio Pro includes a smart shortcut system to choose the right elements for you: Starting a line with “INT.” or “EXT.” will turn it into a scene, pressing tab turns a element into a character, etc. — you will soon forget about formatting altogether and writing will just flow.